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everything i know about breaking hearts i learned from you,

i've never done it with the style and grace you have

9 June
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.fran.the crow is the best movie ever made.HIM rocks my cd player daily.taking back sunday is love.brand new is goodness.going to shows makes me happy.the downtown is my second home.movies and applebees is the spot.chris fehn is pure sex.rich is one fucking sexy scene boy.i rock the cons and etnies.my friends can kick your friends asses.i love writing random lyrics on my cons.i love to say fuckkk.i get to shows 3 hours early.horror movies scare the shit out of me.the spill canvas makes me cry.dashboard makes me happy.boys make me cry.im a very paranoid person.matt damon is one sexy actor.iced tea flows through my veins.emo boys are adorable.my mom scares me more then horror movies do.i love the scene.i am terrified of spiders.my nails are always black.bugs in general scare me.i hate being ignored.the rain makes me happy.walking in the rain makes me smile.music is my life.movies are my anti-drug.i am a coffee addict.i hate liars.homophobics need to leave me alone.i love late night phone calls.getting text messages brightens up my day.DDR kicks.i cry when im alone in my room.i like being home alone.thunderstorms scare me.i play guitar.im a shy girl.i love meeting new people.sleep is good and needed.conor oberst makes me happy.i dance around my room listening to hellogoodbye.napoleon dynamite made me laugh alot.the notebook made me cry.'jessie and my whetstone' by saves the day makes me sad.

"People don't keep journals for themselves. They keep them for other people, like a secret they don't want to tell but they want everyone to know. The only safe place for your thoughts is your memory, which people can't take and read when you're not looking- at least not yet. I'm starting to think that the Internet is the CB radio of the nineties, then the home computer is the trailer park of the soul, a dangerous tool in the hands of idiots. Eventually self-imposed fascism will destroy man as he convinces himself he doesn't have to think anymore." ~Marilyn Manson

Conor Oberst is Love.

Ville Valo is love

Kris Roe is love

Jesse Lacey is love

Photo Journal- ___tangled__
I'll be posting all the photos I take there.. no more in here.
(updated 9/23)
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