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[03 Sep 2004|11:33am]

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[03 Sep 2004|01:50am]
[ mood | sad ]

I'm way to emo today.
Boys make me cry.
Gabby made me cry.
So now I'm crying.

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[02 Sep 2004|01:47am]
I'm soooo bored!! If your online IM me, like right nowwwww. Y0U were WR0NG x.

Today was alright. I went to Montauk with my parents. I was soooo tired. I went to bed at 5 and woke up at 10. I'm a real bitch if I dont get atleast 6 hours of sleep. So I wasnt in a good mood at Montauk. I wore all black (STUPID me) so I was hot like whoaaa. And I wore my new Cons which werent broken in so my feet hurt like a bitch, on top of them hurting from last night. So that just added m\to my bitchyness. I felt kinda bad cuz I was pissed and tired the whole time there.

So when we came back I stayed home until like 9. Then I got bad news about my Nana so I flipped out and started crying. Alot. Her salt level is at 111. If your salt level is UNDER 120, YOUR AT RISK FOR A STROKE. Alot of other shit is wrong with her. She had high blood pressure. Then today it dropped to like zero. So she was close to no blood pressure. Her legs and feet are also swollen like a balloon, which I dont get at all. Shes under so much fucking stress cuz my family is fucking PHYCOS!! (Kristine knows what I'm talking about)Shes been to the hospital 3 times in the last month. 3 FUCKING TIMES!! And its the same fucking hospital. CANT THEY GET THEIR STUPID SHIT RIGHT??? So yeah, today that made me cry.

I also realized how in my family when something good happens, it dosent last. Bad follows the good. Its like we have a fucking grey cloud over us. First, Diane(My Moms best friend since kindergarden. Shes my 2nd mother) gets breast cancer. It was treatable. Then my uncle Michael gets put into jail for a stupid reason which happned 20 years ago (If you want to know, IM me and I'll explain it.). Then his girlfriend(pretty much wife) goes into the hospital for surgery. She had water in her lungs so she had to get it drained. While in the hospital, they discover cancer. TERMINAL CANCER. So that fucked with the whole family. It didnt help that her husband was in fucking jail for a stupid reason across the fucking country. So then my Nana got VERY sick and went into the hospital. About a week later my Uncle Joey got into a car accident. He was hit by a firetruck while driving his Mustang. They had to cut him out of the car(which took them 2 hours to do). He was in a coma for 14 days. His chances were 50/50. Everytime I saw him, I would have to say goodbye cuz they didnt think he would make it. (THANK GOD, HE DID) Then my Uncle John dies. (RIP, I miss you <3). Then my phyco "AUNT" tries to get custody of her son from my grandparents. (Yet again, if you wanna know IM me, its to long to explain) This made my Nana soo fucking stressed so now shes laying in a fucking hospital bed, with a chance of stroke, because a fucking physco "mother" wants her son back. WHICH WILL NEVER HAPPEN. God, NOTHING EVER STAYS GOOD IN MY FUCKING FAMILY. I'm quoting Allison... "GOD, CAN YOU STOP FUCKING ME SO HARD??????"

Now I'm crying again after writing that shit.

I only talked to Gabby <33 today for 20 minutes. Today I really need to talk to him. I need him to tell me that everything is gonna be okay. I hope I can see him tomorrow <333333

6 days until hell starts again. Goodbye summer...
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[01 Sep 2004|01:02am]
[ mood | tired ]

Tonight was the most fun I've had at a show.

Me and Kris walked to Allisons. We got there at about 2:40ish. Then we went to the Downtown at about 3:30. And who was the first in line? None other then the two people we friended at the FATA show in line. We all talked and screamed like babies at bees landing on us. This guy who worked there was like "Clean that shit up! Your so stupid for dropping a Slurpee! Its your fault the bees are there!" I wanted to stick the Slurpee up his ass. While waiting in line we saw a hottttttttt scene boy who was the size of my middle finger. Me and Danielle ran around looking for him so we could take a pic of him. We took pics of a guy she thought was hot. Well, we tried to. From across the street without looking like we were taking his picture. A little while later SCENCE BOY (USB) <33333 walks up to us so I freaked the hell out and was like "CAN I TAKE A PICTURE OF YOU??" so he let me, and whoa that made me smile like whoaa. When Allison gets the picture up I'll post it. Me and Kristine went inside to use the bathroom and we got hit on by Rob from Hidden In Plainview.

So while we were on line Allison notices that Forrest is walking outside. So I yell "FORREST!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!" at the top of my lungs and he comes over to us. Allison asked him if she could take a pic of him and he was like 'of just me?' So I grabbed the camera and I was like "how about WITH Allison?" so I took their pic. Aww, Forrest was holding her and had his hand on her chin and it was a "We are soooo in lovee" pose. For about 10 minutes Allison was smiling like a little child, and shaking.

So when we got in we like ran to the front. Split Decision was first. They rocked my one converse. Then Huston Calls went on. Great band, sooo much stage energy. The MADISON (USB's band) came on. Such a great band. Then Sarcasm went on. I love them <33. Then FINALLY hellogoodbye came on. I got like, killed by crowd surfers. Kicked in the side, kicked in the neck at least twice, big guy landing on my head, and stepped on. Before they went on I asked Forrest if they were playing "Touchdown Turnaround" and they werent so I got sad. I took mad pics for Allison. I took pics of the set list, his fanny pack, and the band.

After hellogoodbye we made our way towards the merch. I got every band to sign my poster. I got 2 Split Decision pins, 1 Sarcasm pin, and 1 Madison pin. On the way out I saw Forrest walking towards us so of coarse I go "FORREST!" and I asked him to sign my poster. Allison got her shirt signed. He put "<3 4EST. FREE FOR FRAN!" on my poster. Haha, made me :). So during Hidden In Plainview we left.

We went to 7-11 and who did we see? Forrest. Again. Allison goes "Are you stalking us?" and she offered him her brownie but he said no thanks. So he goes into 7-11 and is in there for like half an hour cuz mad fans went there after the show. If Forrest had just taken her damn brownie this wouldnt have happned. Then my Dad picked us up and here I am.

Heres everything I got at the show:
Sarcasm set list, Split Decision guitar pick, Sarcasm guitar pick, hellogoodbye guitar pick, hellogoodbye set list(for Allison), Forrest's waterbottle(for Allison), waterbottle from Maddison(Which I had the guitar player sign. He looked at me like I was crazy).

I also got a free ticket for the As Tall As Lions show on September 8. I told Steve I might go so if I do go I shall chill with him. Comment if your going to.

My feet hurt, my body is in pain, my ears are STILL ringing, my eyes are heavy, and I have NO Advil. How perfect.

Tomorrow I am going to Montauk with my parents. Yeah, I had no idea of this until I was picked up.

I didnt see any of my LJ friends there.


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[31 Aug 2004|01:25pm]
Slept at Kristines house last night. Twas fun. We watched the Butterfly Effect. Great movie. It confused me but whatevv.

This morning we went to the HS to change our schedules cuz the people were there. I saw TJ there. Heres my new one:

1*Global History RM 227 with McCandless
2*Mah RM 243 with Desimone
3*A days- Math Lab B days Lunch
4*Theatre Arts RM 110 with Pierce (yay, I<3 Ms. Pierce)
5*Business Law RM 216B with Mr.D
6*English RM 159 with Partridge
7*A days- Lunch B days- Bio Lab
8*Bio RM 136 with Walcott
9* A days- PE with Russo (changing the teacher) B days- Dig Photo LB5B with Picozzi

If your in ny of my classes comment

Show today :) Yay
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[29 Aug 2004|03:51pm]
Last night Gabby called me at like 3AM. While drunk off his ass. Aw, so funny. He kept telling me weird shit. This is what he told me:
"Your butt is sooo out there. Can I poke it?"
"I love your lips"
"You have nice cheeks"
LMAO.. There was other shit to. He also text me like an hour later. This is exactly what he text me, in the exact same way.
"I<3u bmy girlfriend i want u, ur everythingi want in 1"
So I was like "YOUR DRUNK"
So he calls me and is like "I'm not drunk"
And he sounded not drunk.
Ahh, confusion.

Jessies girlfriend IMed me today. Yeah that confused me. Shes the one who left the comment "ok ..jus want to let u know..if the person ur talkin about is Jessie Hanslin ..don't even think about it ..Im his girlfriend and has been for more then a year. So he lied to katie and is gonna lie to u too ..so don't fall into the lil trap ok and back away from something that is mine" yeah shes kinda stalkerish. She knew I was going out with him, old old I was, my LJ, and my sn. Freaky much? Yeah I think so.

My neighbor is playing bad 90's dance music. I wanna throw a baseball at his radio.

Whoever is prank calling me, get a life. Kthanx.

I think I am going to make this journal friends only cuz theres alot of people I know that read it who I dont want to read it.

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[28 Aug 2004|05:25pm]
[ mood | bored ]

Mom was sick yesterday so I stayed home and took care of her. Again. For the 3rd day in a row. I made dinner again yesterday. I didnt make something simple. I made the mistake of making something that took mucho effort and time. Took me FOREVER to do. Ah, made steak, chicken strips in italian dressing, this zuchinni(SP?) thing with tomatoes and mozarella cheese, and tomato+mozzarella cheese salad. Who deserves daughter of the year? Oh yeah I think I do. I didnt go out for like 3 days and see my friends for 2 of them. Yeahh, I deserve an award and some hang out time.

Idk where my friends are today so im sitting here.

Gabby didnt come yesterday. I did nothing yesterday.

I wanna watch the movie thirteen. I'm renting it tonight and watching that and The Crow. Making it a blockbuster night :)

I FIGURED OUT HOW TO WORK MY SCANNER!!! Wooo, I've been scanner happy all day. Later I'm gonna put some pics in here. Wooo, go me.

Would it kill Jesse to call me? Geez..

You all know you wanna join so_em0. You KNOW you want to!

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[27 Aug 2004|01:20pm]
[ mood | blah ]

I hate Kristine for making me like SOCO :)
Katie take me off your friends list.
Look behind the cut. Kthanks.

well its love, make it hurtCollapse )

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[26 Aug 2004|11:57pm]
Katie please remove me from your friends list.

Today one year ago my parents bought this house. Happy fucking first year. 365 days of this place.

Tonight I went to Adventureland with Sarah Scott and John. I met up with my Malverne peoples. I actually went on rides, whoaaa amazing. The guy doing the pirate ship was scary. "No hands on the bars!" lol. He was like talking to us while we were in line. Scary men work at Adventureland !!

Tomorrow I might go to the HS with Kristine and Jen to change my schedule.

I'm gonna start making some of my entries friends only.

I loveee my layout. Its pure sexx.

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[26 Aug 2004|03:12pm]
[ mood | pissed off ]

I got my schedule and it sucks big time.

1- Global History 10R RM 227
2- Math A2RR RM 243
3- A day- Math A2RR Lab RM 243. B day- Lunch (wayyy to early. sucks)
4- Theatre Arts RM 110
5- English 10R RM 159
6- Business Law RM 216
7- A days- Fashion Merch RM 215. B days- Bio Lab RM 136
8- Bio RM 136
9- A days- PE. B days- Digital Photo Lab 5 B (I'm so dropping this)

No way am I taking 4 electives. NO FUCKING WAY. Taking Theatre AND Photo is pointless since they both count for an art credit. I'm gonna drop photo and maybe take a study hall or a lunch.
If you have any classes with me leave me comments and let me know which one. If you have any idea where the rooms are, leave comments to.

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[26 Aug 2004|12:33am]

Thanks soo much to xbam532  for making this awsome layout.

Today I called Nikole. We are gonna hang out before summer ends. I talked to Nick today. I havent seen him all summer. We need to chill soon.

 Today I did a whole bunch of nothing. My mom was mad sick today so I stayed home and helped her. I had a freak out attack and I just started crying. I didnt give a shit and I hated almost everyone. So yeah, I talked to Melissa and she made me realize alot of shit. Thanks much Melissa, I'll be taking your advice and posting it in my LJ.

Under the cut is everything I've wanted to say to people. I'm keeping it nameless. If your smart, you know which one is to you.

bestfriends means you get what you deserve..Collapse )

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[25 Aug 2004|04:16pm]
[ mood | blah ]

On Sunday I went to Kellys house. We watched Spice World and The Little Mermaid. I still remember every damn word to Spice World. It was fun singing along to the songs. During The Little Mermaid the guy who married them had a boner! It was sooo funny. We rewinded it like 6 times to watch. At like 8:30 Greg came and we went in the pool. At about 10 we walked to McDonalds (still dripping wet from the pool) and got food. Greg was wanted to know how a tampon worked so Kelly showed him. OMFG, so funny. He threw one on the floor and put ketsup (SP?) on it. HAHAHA, it was sooo funny.

Yesterday me and Kristine went to the mall to get Jen a birthday gift. What expert shoppers we are :) I got "The Crow" pin set. When we were leaving I saw Steve. He was like "Do you remember me?" and I was like "Steveee!" and we talked for a bit. Kristine came back here and chilled. Then we went to Jillians and Applebees. I wasnt in the greatest mood at Jillians. When I got dropped off last night Amy said she would come visit me one day cuz I live close. Yay.

On Friday Gabby and Tito are coming. I really cant wait until I see Gabby. Maybe I'll tell him how I really feel.

Kellys having this thing tonight. I'm supposed to go to Crew with her then go bowling and sleepover. I want to go but I'm not in the best mood. Maybe I'll feel better later.

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[23 Aug 2004|01:33am]

I'm such a bad friend. I'm SO sorry Katie.

LJ just deleted this whole big entry I had. I'll try to repost it again tomorrow.

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I never really loved you anyway.. [21 Aug 2004|11:26pm]
[ mood | awake ]

Tonight was fun. I went to Kellys house with Sarah. Erik was there. We tried watching Spiderman2 but we talked to much. We started watching Open Water but the sound sucked and the movie was just plain stupid. Me and Sarah decided to walk to McDonalds since its all of a block away from Kellys house. Kelly and Erik stayed there and watched Black Hawk Down. When we got there I called my darling friend Gabby. Aww I miss talking to him. Him and Tito are gonna come out here and chill on Friday or Saturday. When me and Sarah got back we almost interupted something. OOPS... not really. Sarah and Kelly walked to 7-11 so me and Erik chilled and watched Headbangers Ball. We talked about shows and bands and shit. Twas fun. Me and Sarah left around 11.


So yeah, now I'm sitting here. I should call the boyfriend about hanging out tomorrow but I dont want to. Tomorrow I am having mad people over since my parents are gone again. Theres a Boy Meets World marathon on from 2-8 tomorrow so we are gonna watch that and chill. Call or comment if you wanna come by and chill too.


You should all join these communities cuz they kick.


ohprettypretty  (First 10 are auto in. Go join!)







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[21 Aug 2004|01:20am]
[ mood | blah ]

No As I Lay Dying show today for me :(

At about 6:30 I went to the Mall with Kelly, Erik, and Greg. My boyfriend called and said he wanted to hang out at the movies so I had my dad pick us up from the mall and take us to the UA. We sat there for about 45 min before my boyfriend got there. No good movies were playing so my darling bf drove us to the Muliplex after we got Starbucks. No one wanted to see the same movies so we split up. Me and my <3 saw the Bourne Supremacy while everyone else saw Little Black Book at 10:10. Bourne Supremacy got out at like 11 so me and my <3 sat in his car until 12:13 when Little Black Book let out.

Gabby sent me a text message today. I dont know how I'm gonna tell him about my <3.

I know Kris is gonna freak when she reads this cuz I spent over an hour in my <3's car alone. She'll prob read this before she talks to me. Just so you know, nothing bad happned.

Uh yeahh, possibly going to Kellys house tomorrow. Maybe to Kristines. Maybe my <3 is coming over? IDK yet.

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